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Wed Sep 5, 2012


So if you should happen to be watching a handful of seasons of 7th Heaven for, say, a certain werewolfactor’s backcatalog, and you’re on IMDB anyway to make sure you don’t watch any episodes you don’t have to, and out of curiosity you check on some of these other people’s backcatalogs, you might discover

Eric and Annie Camden, the Star Trek Years.

He’s Will Decker from Star Trek: The Motionless Picture. She’s Gillian Taylor, whale scientist from the one with the whales.

for the record, Star Trek has lizard people too.

tagged: #7th heaven #catherine hicks #gillian taylor #star trek #stephen collins #will decker #6 degrees of 7th heaven #what is my life



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    I just watched a Star Trek marathon - and it finally clicked where I saw these two from! I sat on my couch and laughed.
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