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Wed Apr 4, 2012


look, I can’t actually take this seriously

I was considering writing a serious post about fandom and how we shouldn’t be ashamed of fandom and how it’s disingenuous to pretend that filmmakers and showrunners and actors don’t know about fandom (although I really think genre filmmakers might have a responsibility to warn actors when they cast them) and that it’s silly to think fandom and people making shit we get fannish about are not a venn diagram with a HUGE FUCKING OVERLAP—

But then I ran out of fucks to give, so I’m just going to start listing the people niqaeli and I have been dying over for like the last two hours.

  • Oh no! Someone might tell Wil Wheaton about fanfic!
  • We’ve been watching DS9 lately, so OH NO, someone might tell Andrew Robinson that people slash Garak and Bashir!
  • Gasp! Someone might tell Neil Gaiman about fanfic!
  • OH NO what if someone tells Diane Duane about fanfic?
  • WHAT IF SOMEONE TELLS CHRIS PINE AND ZACHARY QUINTO ABOUT THE MOTHERSHIP? (Okay, seriously, all the cast got to talk to the TOS actors, if Nimoy and Shatner didn’t give them the heads-up they were remiss and possibly trolling in the deep)
  • Oh no, what if someone tells Naomi Novik about fandom?
  • Oh no, what if Joss Whedon finds out about fandom?
  • Oh no, what if Misha Collins finds out about fandom?
  • Oh no, what if Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki find out about fandom?
  • Oh no, what if Sera Gamble finds out about fandom?
  • Oh no, someone might tell Jude Law about slash!
  • What if someone mentions slash to Tim DeKay?
  • It might be too late, I think Tom Hiddleston is TRAUMATIZED by fandom—you can see how he ran away from twitter and stopped clicking on links people sent him and stuff! (which you know if he HAD been bothered would have been reasonable steps to take, part of the seriousface version of this post was these people are responsible their own selves for their own exposure and can choose their level of social media interaction appropriately mmmmmmkay)
  • And oh no, what if Clark Gregg, who describes himself as a fanboy, finds out about fandom?

Fuck Fight Club. Fight Club rules died the day we got on the internet. The internet is the antithesis of secrecy. And fandom shouldn’t need to BE a secret, because we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Like, okay, yes, there are asshat fans who print shit out and shove it in people’s faces at conventions, but a link? You’re worried someone might tweet a fucking link on the fucking internet to a fucking actor with a public twitter who interacts with his fucking fans on said fucking confirmed public twitter?

Fuck off. I have not yet found any browser, not even the shitty mobile browser on my phone, that doesn’t have a back button.

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    Disrespecting expressly set boundaries is inappropriate and a serious problem, end of story. There are no caveats....
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    I have absolutely no delusions about filmmakers/actors/etc. knowing about fandom and fanfic and slash. I am well aware...
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    And I don’t think people should send you fanfic if you’ve stated you don’t want to see it, but my original point...
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    People should carefully do their research, and then inquire when there’s doubt. For example: I won’t look at Young...
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    Co-signed. When a source creator has specifically asked that people not link fics to them? That is a boundary, and if I...
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